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Professional Photographers

Tuckys Photography was established in 2002. Our professional photographers and videographers are deeply passionate about their crafts. We capture the excitement of life in our images. Hence it is not surprising that many of our images are vibrant and colourful. We produce original and creative images, while meeting the requirements of our clients. Even more so if we are able to work with the clients to conceptualize the images for them.

Why does originality and creativity matters?

The main purpose of our images are to capture the attention of viewers, so that our clients can convey the informations to their targeted audience. Thus, having unique pictures will allow our clients to set themselves apart from their competitors. Viewers are constantly bombarded with thousands of images everyday. Hence it is important to have strong visuals that can really stand out among the rest of the images.

Multiple genres of photography

We are always excited to explore new genres of photography, thus over time, we accumulated experiences in producing beautiful images across different genres of photography. These are important in our services as professional photographers and videographers. Many times we actually require different skills set to produce a set of images, especially stock images for our clients. Our skills ranged from aerial photography and videography, to landscape, architecture and even portraits. We have also quite a number of published works in our portrait photography services. Our clients not only include CEOs, MDS and presidents of MNCs but also ministers from our Singapore cabinet. Some of these images were also published as magazines covers.

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Creative photography 

Professional photographers for HDR aerial drone photography of Singapore's sunset, aerial photography, aerial videography, professional photography, corporate photography, landscape, architecture
A dramatic sunset of Singapore’s skyline. Our professional aerial photographer captured this image while doing an aerial videography of the location.
Professional photographers, landscape photography, architecture photography, corporate photography, Singapore nature landscape photography at Kranji Marshlands
The rising sun reflected in the pond, as it paints a surreal image of the scenic marshland in the early morning. Our images capture the attention of viewers as a result of their dramatic compositions and vibrate colours.
Creative portrait photography by professional photographer singapore. corporate photography, publicity and branding photography, studio photography, professional photography
With/Out by Esplanade presents The Studios 2017
Professional underwater portrait photography by professional photographer, creative wedding portrait photography,
Underwater Wedding Portraits in stingless jellyfish lake in Palau. Capturing life’s unique moments as it unfolds in front of our eyes.

Published works in magazines.

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