Professional Portrait photography

Tuckys Photography has been creating professional portraits photography for the last 16 years. Hence we have a wide range of experience for different portraits. From creative fashion portraits, to compelling Sportsman portrait, to artistic underwater portrait, to captivating corporate headshots for ministers and CEOs.

What we love about portraiture is that instant that we are able to capture. As at the instant we saw the eyes of our subject lit up. Depending on the genre and the requirement we are always after that sparkle in the eyes. The look of confidence and pride, is one of the basic expression for corporate and professional head shots. The determined look of a fighter is what we are after in a sportsman portraits. That soft, gentle but alluring gaze is what we are looking for in our fashion and creative portraits.

Environmental and Studio portrait photography

If you are looking at creating an environmental portrait, but is worried about the results and styling. Do not worry we are here to help. We shoot tethered so that you can see the results immediately. This allows you make the necessary fine tuning on the spot to achieve the results you need. At the same time, we are also very proficient with our lightings to create the mood of the environment and sculpture the features of the the subject.

We have our own studio where you can shoot in comfort without the distraction and heat of an outdoor shoot. With the ease of our lightings in a controlled environment, studio portraits are just as creative as environmental portraits.

Do check out our wide variety of portraits in the portfolios. Our works cater not only to corporate but also for branding and commercial purposes. We look forward to hearing from you. But most importantly we look forward to providing our expertise to help you in creating the portraits that you need.

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Professional portrait used as magazine cover

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Our portrait for Mr Teh used as the cover image for A & S magazine cover

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On location professional portrait shoot with Sony MD

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Mr. Guarav, Festival director for Singapore International Festival of Arts














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