Be Unique with Our Breath-taking Underwater Photography Service

Capture a one of a kind image set amidst azure waters with our help. Underwater photography is one of the unique services we offer and produces in surreal images that you will treasure forever. Shooting in a different environment other than dry land that we are very used to can literally be a breath-taking and rewarding experience.

Be it wedding, fashion, personal or marketing shots, a session with our photographer will always capture the attention of the viewers who will be drawn to the graceful spectacle of the human body when it is suspended in water.

We have all the equipment needed to achieve outstanding aesthetic results

Sourcing the location, equipment, lighting, and attire can also be difficult but our talented team are more than capable of planning and executing an underwater shoot by drawing on their extensive industry connections and resources. From a technical perspective, we are using DSLRs with beneath water housing and strobes to achieve the results. Most of the images you see in our online portfolio have only minimal touch up to the background, this is because of our beneath water lighting techniques and equipment. Just like shooting on land, the lighting of the subject is key in getting a good portrait. Though using natural lights is convenient, the cost of touching up and airbrushing the subject’s face, removing the unflattering distortion can be quite high.

Your safety is our top priority during our underwater photography session

As a certified dive master, we will be able to take care of your safety during our photography session under water. Whether we are shooting in the sea or in the pool, safety is our top priority. Our experience in handling such shoots will help us mitigate unforeseen circumstances.

We have done shoots in Jellyfish Lake, with corals, with fishes, the experience is truly surreal and amazing. Creative portraits such as these will definitely capture the viewer’s attention as……they admire the interaction between human and nature in a surreal environment.

Get in touch with us to book one of our special underwater photography sessions

For more information on the range of services we offer globally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Contact our head office in Singapore by calling +65 9863 2707 or using the online enquiry form.

underwater photography with lightings in singapore

Close up underwater portrait photography with Shirlene. Make up by Mandy Yeo

underwater photography with lightings

Artisitic underwater photography with Shirlene. Make up by Mandy Yeo Artistic Underwater portraits photography

Underwater portraits photography with Kaela. Make up by Mandy Yeo

Underwater thriller for the upcoming production by award winning director Chong Tze Chien from The Finger Players Art Direction: Tuckys Photography Trailer Music and Sound Design: Darren Ng Actor: Joshua Lim Concept: Chong Tze Chien Abstract from website :… “The Finger Players presents a thrilling new work by award-winning director/playwright Chong Tze Chien. Framed, by Adolf promises to intrigue and stir your imagination, provoke and tickle your senses, and haunt your consciousness and conscience. The play features a powerhouse cast comprising Serene Chen, Joshua Lim, Tan Shou Chen, Tim Nga, Darius Tan, Zee Wong, as well as puppeteers, Ang Hui Bin and Myra Loke.”

UNderwater fashion portraits

Underwater Fashion photography with Kaela. Make up and styling by Hadi.

UNderwater fashion portraits

Underwater Fashion with Kaela. Make up and styling by Hadi

UNderwater fashion portraits

Underwater Fashion photography with Emma. Make up by Valerie Tang.

UNderwater fashion portraits

Underwater Fashion with Emma. Make up by Valerie Tang.

UNderwater fashion portraits

Underwater Fashion. Make up by Nancy.

Maternity shoot underwater

underwater maternity shot with Cindy

underwater shoot in Palau

Underwater Portraits in stingless jelly fish lake


Underwater Wedding shoot

Underwater photography of couple with hard coral. This is not a composite shot. Its the actual image with enhanced colour


Underwater Wedding shoot, Underwater photography

The Kiss of Love. Groom proposed to bride underwater while on a diving trip.


Jas and Jon underwater wedding shots

Underwater Wedding shoot


Creative underwater wedding portraits, Underwater photography

Jas and Jon underwater wedding photography


Creative underwater portraits, Underwater photography

Jellyfish lake underwater photography


Underwater Wedding shoot, Underwater photography

Pool proposal


Underwater PhotographyYan Hong