Theatre Productions Photography

Theatre productions photography has always intrigued us. It had been a major part of our works ever since we started. Capturing beautiful images during rehearsals is never easy. How should we capture the scene? How are we able to depict the play according to what the directors had planned? Lightings, emotions, settings are all important aspects in capturing the essence of the theatre piece. Our images are not just for archiving but more for publicity in promoting the plays just before the actual performance. The selected images are usually published on social media or given to the press for write-ups about the up-coming shows. Hence the images must be able to capture the viewers and interest them in the play.

I especially enjoyed playing with the lighting. These are one of the unique situations where we can make use of the creative of the lighting designers and try to accentuate their intentions to help our images more compelling. The emotions, actions and movements of the actors is another important part of photography. We try to captured that fleeting moments when they interact with the sets and the lightings to create dramatic effects. I believe the interpretation of the photographer is important to create the captivating visuals for used in successful publicity. Here are some of our works that illustrate our ability to capture beautiful theatre visual.

Tuckys Photography had been capturing theatre performance for the more than 15 years. Are images have been used by our clients for various publicity and social media channels. They have been published in local press and used extensively in promoting the performance.

Our clients include:
Cake Theatrical Productions
Singapore International Festival of Arts
The Esplanade
The Finger Players
The Theatre Practice

Do take a look at our portfolio. We look forward to working with you soon!