Theatre Photography and Videography

Here are some of our works from theatre photography and videography.

Itsy – The Musical by The Finger Players

We created a short highlight video from the full theatre archival video for Itsy -the Musical.

Electra by Cake Theatrical Productions

Abstract of the full theatre archival videography


Theatre Productions Photography and videography

Theatre photography is to capture the emotions, the energy, the expressions. It is the photographer’s interpretation of the theatre production. Sometimes the lightings can change so drastically or the actions can be so sudden that it makes capturing the scene almost impossible. But it is these difficulties that give such great experience to work with theatre photography and videography

Our clients include:
Cake Theatrical Productions
Singapore International Festival of Arts
The Esplanade
The Finger Players
The Theatre Practice

Do take a look at our portfolio. We look forward to working with you soon!

Itsy – The Musical

The Studios 2017

The Studios: Fifty

Theatre PhotographyYan Hong