Theatre Photography

Theatre photography had been a major part of our work ever since we started our company in 2002. The productions have always intrigued us. Capturing beautiful images during rehearsals is never easy. How should we capture the scene? How are we able to depict the play according to what the directors had planned? Lightings, emotions, settings are all important aspects in capturing the essence of the theatre piece. Our images are not just for archiving but more for publicity in promoting the plays just before the actual performance. The selected images are usually published on social media or given to the press for write-ups about the up-coming shows. Hence the images must be able to capture the viewers and interest them in the play.

Here are links to some of our recent published works:
Cerita Cinta – akulah BIMBO SAKT (Esplanade)

Framed by Adolf – The Finger Players

Citizen Dog – Teh Finger Players

Underclass – The Necessary Stage

Four Horse Road – The Theatre Practice

Einstein in the carpark – Emergency Stairs

Blood and Rose – Shakespears Sisters (Esplanade)

Sanctuary – The Necessary Stage

Our clients include:
Cake Theatrical Productions
Singapore International Festival of Arts
The Esplanade
The Finger Players
The Theatre Practice

Do take a look at our portfolio. We look forward to working with you soon!

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