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We provide professional corporate group portrait photography services in Singapore for annual reports, public release, branding, marketing, etc. We also provide creative concepts, styling and art direction to help clients achieve eye catching professional shots. Each shoot is catered specifically for each client. We will do a site recce to facilitate our planning of the shoot. Arrangements of each individual during the shoot is also very important. Where timing, space and the number participants in the shoot allow, we will always try to create a more interesting pose for the group portraits. Creative lighting will also be used depending on the subjects.

Clean mono-colour background are sometimes required to focus the attention to the subjects of the images. Unlike individual Corporate portraits, it might not be feasible to bring along a backdrop that is large enough to cater to the hugh group of persons involved. In situation like this, we would suggest for clients to come to our studio for the shoot.

Our works include large format prints for wall mural displays, prints for annual reports, marketing materials and branding brochures, public release for magazines and mass media.

Besides group portraits, we also provide the following services:

Corporate portraits (on location, mobile studio and in studio)

Branding and marketing photography

Interior and architecture

Aerial productions

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