Events – Official Openings

Official openings, ground breaking events are important milestones for any companies. This will be more important if there are also state ministers, global CEOs, Presidents involved. Such event will usually also require public release of the images to the media of their host country and their original country. Professional PR events photography becomes critical at this stage. Most press and events photographers will opt for the standard shots of shaking hands on stage, unveiling the plaques, raking the sand or turning on some lights.

In Tuckys Photography we go beyond that. We understand that international press will require more than those images. They want images that can tell a story, images they can give a view point of interest to the readers. Standard images are good, but they just can’t give that mileage. We captures more interesting angles, interactions between the ministers and the local, GOH admiring the new campus, GOH and CEOs having a happy little chat. Such images are not easy to achieve. But with our experience and skills in these events, we know our ways around to produce interesting news worthy images that can give you the international press coverage in prints and online that you deserved.

Events - Official OpeningsYan Hong