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Rave party by Cake Theatrical Productions

Running with Strippers 2019

Idea Ink Marketing Video at Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2019 Line-up reveal


This is a corporate events videography of the inaugural event, LumiNation. Held in conjunction with Our National Day, this event seemed to uncover Singapore’s Hidden stories.

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Opening scene from our corporate events Video, LumiNation.

Our approach when creating this video is to show how successful the event was. First and foremost, we captured the audience and participants response to the programmes. There is no visuals more telling than the smiling faces of participants. As these illustrate how enjoyable the event was. After which, we introduced each program held during Lumination, including all the fringe activities. Finally we injected vox pops of the audience as testimonials of how they felt about the event. All this, coupled with the dramatic opening and closing scene showed the success of this inaugural event.


Textures – A weekend with words

TEXTURES, an inaugural event held in 2018, aims to celebrate Singapore literature. The weekend from 9th – 11th of March was certainly filled with interesting programs. As there are performances, readings, panel discussions, exhibitions and workshops for different age groups. Tuckys Photography sent a team down, so that we can captured the essence of the entire in both still and moving images. The images are posted on FB page here. This exciting corporate video highlight illustrated the success of this event as a result of our multiple cameras angles. The 2 min video highlight features all 30+ programs that were happening through out the 3 days.

The Highlight started off with a time lapse of the venue. Shots of participants smiling, laughing, indulged in reading throughout the video highlight. This is a great way of showing how much the participants have enjoyed the event.

Textures is a festival that simultaneously embodies
The Arts House’s identity as a home of words whilst
celebrating Singapore’s literary community, whose
writings reflect the country’s consciousness of the
past, present and future… CEO’s message.

Images for the event, photgraphed by our team can be found here

Textures - Aweekend with word Event photography and videography for Textures 2018 | Professional events photographer |professional events videographer

Events Photography and videography for Textures – A weekend with words

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018 Opening Party

SIFA 2018 opened with a bang at The Arts House. It started off with Arts House Ltd CEO, Ms Sarah Martin, introducing the incoming SIFA Director, Mr Gaurav Kirpalani. He then gave a brief run down of the exciting programs that they have curated for the upcoming festival. We stationed multiple cameras so that we can get a variety of coverage for the speech of the event. We also added in some vox pops from the audience so the video highlight will look more interesting.

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