Aerial Videography and Photography

Aerial Videography and Photography for corporate works


Have us capture breath-taking aerial videography and photography footages and images of your marine vessel or your beautiful architecture With our equipment and techniques. In addition to our studio photography services, Tuckys also specialises in offshore marine vessel shooting. From understanding and conceptualising the client’s needs to highlighting certain features of the vessel and ultimately the type of impact and feel that the video would show. In addition, film location planning for the best lightning and angels as well as going through various vessel manoeuvres are discussed prior to filming. We’ll work to create film which is both visually impressive and informative to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of your vessel and its capabilities. With our style of shooting, you will be able to get more dramatic footage and more captivating videos which will ultimately be beneficial for your sales and presentations.

Keep your audience engaged with professional post production for your aerial videography

We also provide graphics effects to make the technical presentation of your marine engines more exciting! Check out our videos in this gallery. We hope to hear from you soon! For more information on any of the photography and videography services we offer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +65 9863 2707, or by using the online enquiry form. Tuckys is dedicated to providing companies in our homeland of Singapore and around the world with access to high quality commercial photography services that represent their enterprise in the best possible light.

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